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While equipment financing is an extremely useful tool for acquiring assets, it is rarely understood by borrowers in its entirety.  Navigating the numerous options, finance structures, tax and legal implications combined with the tedious task of sourcing, managing and administering these contracts can be a veritable minefield for any company.  For small to medium sized businesses, this problem is compounded because they typically do not have the bandwidth, time or resources dedicated to managing this aspect of the business.

ACM offers complete equipment finance management services providing its clients with the ability to manage their portfolio with precision, accuracy, clarity and optimum efficiency. 

The company offers a wide range of services via its three business segments; Strategic Services, Funding, and Infrastructure Support Services.  The suite of services is designed to expertly manage our customer’s leasing portfolio in order to optimize cash flow, maximize efficiency and minimize costs.  When combined, the pillars of ACM’s Equipment Finance Framework provide visibility, compliance, and ROI forming the foundation for sound financial decision making and asset management capabilities.  The end result for ACM clients is true INSIGHT into the overall management of their equipment finance portfolio.

Equipment Finance Framework Assessment (FREE)

The Equipment Finance Framework Assessment™. Managed by one of our senior partners, this assessment provides a comprehensive strategy to assist your company to optimize your investment on assets; including existing assets, new equipment, and projected future acquisitions.

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ACM Strategic Services is the first pillar in our Equipment Finance Framework™.  These services result in deliverables that are clear, concise, and easy to implement.

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ACM Funding Services are tailored specifically for each client based on the strategy set forth in the Equipment Finance Framework™ and in alignment with overall financial and corporate objectives.  

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ACM’s Infrastructure Services allows its customers to manage the entire equipment leasing and asset management process like an expert without investing in overhead like additional staff, facilities, equipment or technology. 

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